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Opening a WordPress website is easy. Growing it into a successful e-commerce site is the tricky part. Several WordPress website owners suffer sleepless nights wondering where they went wrong.

You have done everything by the rules

Genuine and relevant content, high quality do-follow backlinks, the right meta tags and description, well-crafted keywords and so on. Still, there are less people visiting your site. Those that visit barely make any inquiries or leave any comments. Your Google rankings have taken a nosedive. To top it all off, sales are running low.

If you Google ‘why WordPress website’ each and every result will tell you how easy it is to use. The platform has been in existence for over ten years. In that time, it has managed to seal several security loop holes, solves tons of SEO issues and become optimized for a great mobile experience. It is also very easy to open, customize and manage a WordPress website. This is true for tons of users: whether you are running a heavy image/video rich site or a tiny less loaded one.

What everyone fails to mention is the speed of your website. Who takes care of that? It may seem like a tiny element but it is quite crucial. By clicking on your site, clients are trying to initiate a conversation with you. The longer you take to respond, the more frustrated they get with you, your site and product/service altogether.

High bounce rate is directly connected to slow website speed. This loss of clients, and prospective clients, robs your business of profits. Internet users are constantly looking for a better user experience. Once a site does not live up to a user’s expectations he/she tends to make a wild bet that the next website they click on will be faster. Depending on how slow or fast your website is, in half a second, you could lose or gain a client.

Google too is in the business of delivering what is best for internet users. Over 200 signals make up Google’s ranking algorithm. It is almost impossible to get every one of them right. It is, therefore, important to know what signals to pay most attention to. Page Speed ranks pretty high on that list. Specifically, Time To First Byte has been noted to be the signal that influences search engine rankings.

For the best user experience, Google expects your site to load in under 3 seconds. In fact, Google itself aims to deliver search results in under half a second. While it is hard to keep up with Google’s standards, it important to stay ahead of your competition. Otherwise, your website, and business altogether, is doomed.

With mobile phones accounting for about 60% percent of internet searches, you also need to ensure your clients are getting the best mobile experience. In fact, research has shown that several e-commerce websites have attributed increased conversions to speedy mobile sites. The average internet user is now more likely to make a purchase if they can comfortably do it on their mobile phone.

WPFastSpeed has optimized over 400 websites. Our clients have revealed how relieved they were once we got their sites to load much faster. You too can get rid of the sleepless worry-filled nights. Contact us today and begin to enjoy the benefits of a speedy WordPress website.