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Slow website speed is downright annoying; it is frustrating for everyone, to you, Google and your visitors.

It is a killer of your best resources- time and money.

Picture this.

There are 2 billion users on Google alone, making 3.5 billion searches a day translating to over 40,000 queries every second. This is gigantic!

Google directs these users to millions of websites, yours among them.

  1. You have great content, fresh and original
  2. With excellent design
  3. Good hosting
  4. User friendly navigation
  5. And well secured
  6. But your website speed is slow.

So down the drain goes your hard work.

  1. Your rankings drop
  2. Search engines stop directing traffic to your website
  3. You get fewer visitors
  4. And the few who find your site they leave frustrated because they couldn’t get the information they needed. Probably won’t be coming back
  5. Translating to less sales

The success of your site is pegged on how well search engines recognize you, the number of visitors, and last but not least, how fast they can access the information they need.

Slow speed will drop website Rankings

There is a time that this relationship did not matter, until 2010 when Google made the decision to include site speed among its search ranking algorithms.
Excellent webmasters have since learnt to mind their sites’ speed, not only to improve ranking in search engines, but also to win every Internet users affection. Because we need them to come back for more, share and recommend us to family and friends.

Every millisecond counts

Now that Google is set on improving user;s experience on the desktop and mobile. You must set your goals high.

A slow-page speed leads to a limitation in the number of pages that any search engine like Google, Bing or yahoo will crawl, and this negatively affects your indexation.

A super fast site is good user experience leading to higher conversions.

In this overview of site performance for Webmasters, Maile Ohye gives, The Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google asks you to forget the 5 seconds acceptable website loading time with good reason. Anything beyond 3 seconds is too slow for 2017.

Your site’s performance

It’s a good idea to check and make ensure that your site is running as well as possible, Google Developer provides fool proof tools and insights for gauging site speed.
The reasons for slow speed are numerous. Ranging from server location and performance, large traffic, images too large, too many file requests (RTTs), plug-ins, unnecessary redirects, and every other thing you can think of.

It can be overwhelming. You will come across all sorts of advice on how to fix the slow website speed problems. But unless you understand the root cause of the problem, you’ll be trying a thousand different things that will not work.

You need someone to shed some light on the problem.

  1. Who understands that you have less traffic because of slow website speed and recognizes the need to
    reverse the situation
  2. Has proven experience at improving website speeds and will exceed your expectations.
  3. Who will not burn a whole in your pocket but rather increase your conversions.
  4. Someone who will make every millisecond spent on your site count.

In addition to ticking all the above boxes, we are proud of our team of experts with a range of talents and experience that will help give insight into what will work for your website speed and in return improve rankings.