Make it load under 3 SECONDS OR your money back guaranteed.

Slow Website Speed is BAD. Very BAD!

It is easy to overlook your WordPress website speed and focus on such aspects as content. Fact is, it takes less than three seconds to impress or disappoint the average internet user. Users have a very low attention span. They know what they want and they want it FAST! Therefore, the amount of time it takes for your website to load is very essential.

Slow website speed will also drag your Google rankings. Google wants what is best for the internet user. Guess what, the user wants a Speedy Website!

At WPFastSpeed we optimize your website speed without having to lower the aesthetic quality of your site. A fast website does not have to be thin and sketchy.

We are keen on optimizing each website to suit our clients diverse needs. It doesn’t matter if your site is big and heavy or small with less content. If speed is what you want, speed what you’ll get.

We’ll Help You Turn That User’s Frown Upside Down.

The user want the mobile experience on your website to be as good as the desktop experience. We deliver exactly that.

We Will Boost Your WordPress Website Speed


Kill Six Birds With One Stone

Less Sales

Have you ever wondered about the effect of slow loading website on sales? Research shows that almost all the users abandon their cart and avoid visiting.

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Bad User Experience

The 2017 internet user wants your WordPress website to load in the blink of an eye, literally. What happens if this need is not met?

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Frustrate Users

Users are NOT going to visit your wordpress site if it is super slow, carry on reading to discover why and how to fix this using our speed optimization services.

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Less Traffic

You’ve tried everything, but your website speed refuses to improve. Do not watch your rankings take a nosedive for the worst. Take action today!

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No Google Rankings

Google has a thing for speed. Find out how to increase your website speed and maintain high Google rankings in a web crawling with sprinters.

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You Don't Sleep Well

That slow WordPress website is robbing you of a peaceful night sleep. Our speed optimization services will help you get rid of the sleepless nights.

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Don’t Be a Victim of Slow Speed WordPress Website.

Real Reviews From Happy Customers 🙂

As a professional baker, my company website helps to engage my clients and get referrals. I, unsuccessfully, invested in pay-per-click marketing to boost my business. The figures showed increased traffic but my conversion rates were still terribly low. A friend of mine suggested that I fix my site speed and recommended WPFastSpeed. Once the team started its work, there were more people visiting my site and sales were at an all time high. Also, I had more people inquiring about my cakes and leaving positive reviews. WPFastSpeed are brilliant at what they do. Thumbs up guys!


How long will it take for you to boost my website speed ?
We try our best to complete whole process within 24 hours of confirmation. It could take more then 24 hours if your website is big and have access of files to deal with, In that case we will notify you.
What info do you need from me ?
95% of the times we only ask for wordpress admin panel details. If your website is big and have excess of files to deal with, In that case we will also need FTP credentials.
What if you are unable to fix my website speed ?
There are lot of variables on which your website speed depends. Unfortunately some of the things are not in our hand, For example your server/hosting, In that case we normally ask our clients to opt for CDN (Content Delivery Network), if that still does not solve your website speed issue then we will REFUND 100% of your money.
I have placed an order, Now What ?
First of all thanks very much for your order and trusting us. Just relax and take a chill pill 🙂 One of our team member will send you a message on your email which you have used for payment.
I want to talk with you before I place an order, How can I contact you ?
We understand that you might have some questions or queries before you make an order with us. Please visit Contact US page and send us a message. We will try our best to respond within 1-3 hours.
Will boosting the speed of website effect on its working ?
Not at all, You only get what you have asked for and that is fast speed of your website. All other working of website will run smoothly without any interruptions.